Rousseau Arquitectos

We have the experience and knowledge of 50 years to design and build
spaces that meet the expectations and needs of our customers.
The works are committed to achieving the best design and functionality
so that ideas and challenges become unique spaces.

Currently the Firm is led by: Enrique Rousseau Garza e Son, Rousseau Arquitectos began operations in 1970 in the city of Monterrey Mexico, designing and building a large number of works in different areas: Residential, Industrial, Commercial, Mixed Use and Housing Buildings
In a great collaboration of Architects and Consultants they work together to achieve all Specialties: Structural Engineering, Sustainability, Interior Design, Landscaping and Automation.
The office works together with various Institutions and supports the following Universities and Development Groups: UANL, ITESM, Colegio de Arquitectos de Nuevo León, Orange Investments, Empresas Mira, among others.
Los trabajos han sido publicados en Various Media. Se han obtenido premios en Diferentes Concursos: Premio Calli Glass 2008 y 2011, Premios de Reconocimiento Cemex en diferentes años, Premio a la Mejor Obra del Año en la categoría de Edificios de Uso Mixto 2010 por CNN-Expansión. Distinción a la Excelencia Profesional por la Federación Nacional de Arquitectos. La más reciente de las Mejores Firmas en 2011 y el Premio a la Excelencia Profesional de la UANL en 2011.

La firma ofrece una gama completa de servicios de arquitectura, desde el diseño previo hasta el diseño detallado, la documentación, el diseño de interiores y la gestión de proyectos. Entre otras actividades se encuentran las especialidades de Edificios de Viviendas y Usados Mixtos.
The full range of design process, development, research, as well as interior design and furniture are all part of work and creativity.
Rousseau Arquitectos works together with developers to examine and create real estate solutions and alternatives, as a result, we provide comprehensive information for large functional and unique buildings.
Areas of expertise include residential, mixed use, commercial, home development, and apartment buildings, among others.
Rousseau Arquitectos opera en base a idea-solución con el objetivo de excelencia, eficiencia y funcionalidad que se ha convertido en el reconocimiento de la firma.
Enrique Rousseau Garza Associate / Design Project Director


Enrique Rousseau Garza Jr Associate / Architect & Project Director


Esthela Rascón Architect / Project Design & Manager


José Luis Guerra Architect / Project Design & Manager


Alejandro Hernández Architect / Project Manager


Andrés Rangel Architect / Project Manager


Marcelo Hernández Architect / Project Manager


Marco Garza Architect Project Design & Manager


Mario Olguin Architect / Project Manager


José Zamora Architect / Design Manager


Ricardo Aguillón Architect / Design Manager


Martha Bueno Administration Manager


Leticia Cordero Administrative Assistant